How an Edmonton Optometrist Can Help You Achieve Clear Vision

Your Edmonton Optometrist is a professional that specializes in vision care. With Edmonton being the fourth largest city in Canada they have one of the best optometry departments in the country. They also offer specialty services such as ophthalmology, pediatrics, refractive surgery, and visual examination.

Edmonton Optometrist

Your Edmonton Optometrist provides comprehensive health care for individuals of all ages. Their goal is to ensure that each patient gets the preventive care necessary to maintain a healthy vision and to keep their eyes working well. If you visit their office you will be given a free vision exam, which includes eye exams, visual screening, and the ordering of contact lenses or glasses. Once you have had the eye exam, a qualified optometrist will refer you to an eye specialist for your follow-up visit.

There are several reasons why you should see an Edmonton optometrist for your eye care needs. One, it’s free; two, it can be done in one office visit; and three, it’s quick and convenient. With regular eye exams you will be checking your vision and the health of your eyes on a regular basis and having them regularly examined is the best way to detect problems early before they become worse. When you go to an optometrist for your annual eye exam, they will take an assessment of what your eye health is like and determine what corrective steps are necessary to maintain your eye health and vision. Then you can make decisions about what corrective measures you need to take to correct your eye health and vision.

Regular eye exams can prevent the need for more extensive vision care such as LASIK vision correction surgery. LASIK is a procedure that is designed to reshape the cornea to correct vision problems. If you go to an optometrist for your yearly eye exams, they will be able to determine if LASIK would be right for you and if so will determine the scope of the procedure that your vision needs. As well, if you ever have to have LASIK you can get pre-LASIK eye exams free and you won’t even have to pay an additional consultation fee. The cost of LASIK can be quite high, however, so getting routine eye exams from a qualified optometrist can save you thousands of dollars in the long run on vision correction treatments.

If you have any family history of eye disorders or conditions such as cataracts, diabetes or glaucoma, you should definitely schedule an appointment with your family doctor to ensure that your eye health is up to par and to ask any questions you might have. This is the same thing you should do when you have a family member who is or ever goes to an optometrist for their yearly eye exam. If you have a family member who has experienced any type of eye disorder, it’s important that you take note of what happened so you can avoid anything similar in the future.

Whether you need to have LASIK, receive laser treatment, or both, an eye doctor can help you make informed decisions about the options available to you and can answer any questions you might have. Optometrists aren’t just doctors who prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses. They are full service vision specialists who can provide many different types of vision correction services. You’ll be amazed by the technology available at your fingertips and the vision improvement you’ll achieve. Your eyes may be clearer than you’ve ever imagined, but you’ll be amazed by the amazing vision benefits you can achieve with an eye doctor’s help.