Downtown Alpharetta, Georgia

Alpharetta More Info is the second largest city located in eastern Fulton County, Georgia, south of Atlanta and is a suburban community north of Atlanta. It lies in the Atlanta metropolitan region. In the 2021 census, Alpharetta population was 47, Lollis County being the next largest in the county. As of the latest 2021 census, Alpharetta population is still57,5ii.


As far as the population of the county is concerned, it is much higher than the population figures for the cities of Atlanta and Johns Creek which makes the place look even more like an upscale resort. As of this date, the total population of the cities of Atlanta and Johns Creek is around one hundred seventy-two thousand and ten hundred fifty thousand respectively. As of this date, approximately seventeen hundred and sixty-one permanent residents of the city of Alpharetta are of African descent. The overall percentage of the Black population in the city is about twelve percent.

It has been around about three centuries now that the first white settlement was established at the North point of Alpharetta. The original white settlement was established by the European population, which came to settle at the foot of what is now known as Peachtree Farm. The white population of the area was later joined by the freed slaves from Africa who headed to the North point of Alpharetta Georgia. This is the point where the United States flag originated. During the early years of Georgia’s existence, the area between the Atlanta and the North point of Alpharetta was populated by Creek Indians.

As for the typical jobs present in Alpharetta, there are a lot of tech jobs being offered at any given moment in the city of Alpharetta. In addition to this, there are also numerous government jobs, law enforcement positions and county offices located at the Alpharetta city center. In terms of education, a great number of schools exist in the North point of Alpharetta, but some of these schools are of low standard and are often underfunded. The median age in the North point of Alpharetta for the general population is 34 years of age, which makes the school system a bit below average in terms of overall academic achievement.

The second largest metro sized city in the state of Georgia is the Fulton County metropolitan area. The county itself covers the entire state of Georgia including the city of Atlanta. The county has built an extensive transportation network including interstates, highways, bridges and toll roads. The major counties of the state include: Cobb, De Kalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Hood, Morris, Strawnard, Todd, Cherokee and Washington. The county welcomes over one million people each year who flock to its various destinations and contribute to the economic well-being of the residents.

The aforementioned three metro areas of Atlanta are all vibrant communities that offer a wide variety of living opportunities for their residents. Whether you are interested in employment, a new home or an investment property, there is sure to be something for you in downtown alpharetta. It is simply a matter of visiting this dynamic area of Atlanta to determine if it is right for you.