Choosing the Best Roof Style for Your Home

Whether you are replacing your existing roof or building a new one, selecting the best roof style for your new home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. And while construction and maintenance are definitely important, selecting the perfect roof material and style can really help update the outside of your house in dramatic fashion. When narrowing down your potential roof styles, remember that there’s a wide variety of roofing styles when it comes to thinking about the best roof for you and your home – from the classic traditional American look, to contemporary residential and commercial designs, and even traditional residential and commercial designs.

Before you decide on any of these different styles, it’s important to get some perspective on exactly what you want out of your roof. For instance, if you are replacing a roof, you might want to consider a traditional American or Colonial style for a more natural feel to your home. In this case, a single-ply tile roof would be an ideal choice for a new home, while a slate tile roof might be too expensive for a remodeling project that isn’t going to last.

If you are building a new roof for a new home, you might have more flexibility when choosing the best roof design. One very popular design today is the “bunkhouse” roof, which features several smaller cells stacked on top of one another. This design offers a great deal of insulation, as well as the ability to have multiple cells open to the exterior, rather than the traditional closed cell design.

When selecting for a residential use, many people choose to have an “apartment roof,” which offers a more intimate feeling than the traditional American roof, and allows for more ventilation and air circulation. The open cell design also helps to provide better insulation, and a well-designed apartment roof should be able to hold moisture without compromising the insulation levels in the home.

For commercial use, the most popular commercial roof design is the “combination” roof, which combines the qualities of an apartment roof with that features more of the characteristics of a gable roof. Combination roofs are popular for offices, shopping centers, and other commercial buildings. The open cell design is used primarily for high-rise buildings, and office buildings, but can actually be used in residential structures as well, particularly when looking to save on maintenance costs. In this case, if you select the proper type of insulation to go with the combination roof, you can expect to save money on maintenance in the long run, even when compared to traditional residential roofs.

Whatever your particular situation, it’s important to take the time to look at the design of the roof you’re considering and the kind of style you want for your new home. Remember that a new roof will not only provide you with comfort and security, but will add curb appeal to the outside of your home.