Yoga Teacher Training

The ‘Tirtha’ (a tree) and the ‘Surya’ (the sun) are two popular topics at the Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh. In the Jnana Yoga tradition, both trees have the meaning of life. The instructions for a head-on stand in every posture are also to be taken from these two important aspects of energy in nature.

Anaximander, a Greek poet, wrote in his Satyricon that the tree called, ‘Lachesis,’ (of golden bark), was the tree of immortality. The tree had the form of a cocoon. It was said to be a “bear” or a “a gorilla” – a sleeping animal. It was a spiritual tree.

The Sacred Tree, the Surya is a sacred tree that stands in sacred grounds. It is the most popular tree at the Yoga Teacher Training Course. It was commonly said that the Sun will rise every morning with his reflection in the waters of the Surya.

Trees are a symbol of ‘change’constancy.’ The form and structure of trees are part of the design of the universe. The tree is one of the six major trees, the six pillars of creation. They also represent the father, mother, son, and Buddha.

The word Rudraksha means ‘sacred thread’. It is one of the most sacred symbols in the Vedas. They are used in ancient Indian rituals such as yoga and meditation. They are also used to wear as a protective amulet when entering a temple.

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action and result. It is a living force. It has a divine quality. Karma is one of the major concepts behind yoga.

Mind is at the centre of everything. It is our thinking and it is our consciousness that create what we experience in life. Our mind’s reaction can be directly perceived by the eyes as mental images. When we go into meditation, we open our minds to the world around us, allowing our subconscious mind to produce images as we meditate.

The sacredness of these beautiful poses, as well as other sacred asanas are not only evident in these positions, but are present in the entire course of the Yoga Teacher Training, in every class, workshop and retreat. The Buddhist precepts and ethics are based on principles set forth in the Upanishads. Like a temple, the Yoga Teacher Training course combines the sacredness of India and the artistry of Western learning to teach students the rich tradition of yoga.