Dizziness and Sciatic Nerve Pain Atlas Chiropractors

A common problem that chiropractors deal with on a daily basis is vertigo or dizziness. This can have several underlying causes and in most cases there is no single singular cause. Some patients may be dizzy because of the side effects of some drugs they are taking. The medication can affect the balance of the nerves in the inner ear, which can cause vertigo. Other possible causes can include low blood sugar, fatigue, overexertion or even sitting in one position for too long.

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Dizziness can often occur when the body is not aligned properly. The first step that an atlas chiropractic care provider takes when treating a client who is dizzy is to ensure that the person’s hips, shoulders and legs are in proper alignment. Once this is done, the chiropractor will then begin to align the spine. It is important that the person sits firmly in the chair and that he or she maintains good posture throughout the session. A chiropractor may ask his or her patient to rotate or move their neck as well, but if the patient is uncomfortable or pain free in this manner then it is likely that they will maintain their position without much problem.

There are several different approaches that atlas chiropractors use to treat dizziness. One common treatment method involves performing specific spinal adjustments. Spinal adjustments are performed by moving the joint in question in such a way that it can better align the joint and therefore restore proper nerve and joint function. Another common treatment involves performing the patient a series of gentle massage techniques. Specific techniques designed to relax the nervous system have also been known to reduce or eliminate the symptoms associated with dizziness. Many times when the nerve connections in the brain and the spine are misaligned the result is vertigo.

Vertigo is one of the most serious problems that can be associated with chiropractic care. This condition can be brought on by many things. In some cases misalignment of the vertebrae can cause the bones to rub together causing discomfort. Other times there can be subluxations, or bone structures that are out of place. All of these situations can lead to dizziness, a lack of balance and even fainting.

In order to avoid all of these things that can lead to dizziness, at least one of the specialists at the Atlas chiropractic care facility in Winston-Salem will do an evaluation. If the diagnosis determines that there is indeed a misalignment present then the chiropractic doctors will perform specific spinal adjustments. These adjustments are aimed at freeing up the body’s joints in order to improve the overall stability. The goal is to restore the proper vertebrae alignment. Patients suffering from dizziness will typically feel pain after an adjustment, but after a few days the pain should have disappeared. Many patients report that the pain and numbness are so negligible that they actually prefer it over the actual sensation of vertigo.

Many chiropractors in Winston-Salem also offer orthogonal therapy. This specific type of therapy seeks to treat not only the acute misalignment but also the chronic stress that can cause further misalignments. Often, chiropractors use spinal traction to treat orthogonal misalignments. By applying pressure to the spinal cord, orthogonal therapy attempts to solve problems with the more complex models of vertebrae alignment. Atlas Chiropractors believes that the best treatment for sciatica is prevention. They believe that by correcting the underlying issues, there should be no need for chiropractic intervention in the future.