Choosing Between A We The People Holstered Gun and A We The People Belt holster

The We The People Holster Claw Gun holster is a unique take on the older style belt holster. Instead of the traditional top strap, which is a poor design on a gun, there is a quick release system instead. This allows you to quickly and easily draw your gun from your holster without removing your belt. In addition to this benefit there are also other benefits such as more options when it comes to storage, and more reliable than any other belt holster currently available.

We The People Holster claw

The We The People holsters actually work much like your standard belt holster, it just uses the fastener that attaches to the belt that you already have. You then place the gun in the top most part of the holsters, then snap the buckle shut so that it holds the gun securely. Once you have the gun in place, you can open the top portion of the holster and then take the gun out of it by opening the buckle. This makes it very convenient because you do not have to take your gun out of the holster, and you can be quickly and efficiently retrieved by turning the knob.

While the holster does work very well, there are some major issues with it. First the problem with using a We The People Holster is that the gun can easily come off even while the straps are attached. In addition to this, the gun can also easily fall out if you are not fastened correctly. In addition, you will find that these holsters do not work very well for some guns. For instance, if your gun has a large trigger then it may be very difficult to carry in this type of holster. In addition, if your gun has a large magazine clip then it may also be difficult to put the gun down with this type of holster.

The We The People holsters also does not offer a great amount of storage for ammunition. For instance, there is only room for two small clips. While it is adequate for most people, this is not going to be sufficient for someone who carries several different calibers of ammunition. In addition, there is no storage for other accessories such as tactical vests or a holster for the pistol. While it does provide for basic storage, it does not offer much in the way of attachment.

A few years ago there was another option for those who wanted a belt holster but who did not want to carry a gun. This was the holster known as the We The People holster. This is similar to the We The People holstered gun but it does include a belt.

There are two major downsides to using this belt holster. First, it is rather heavy. In addition, it is not nearly as secure as a regular holster which means that it is often easy to lose the gun. This is something that you will need to decide if you are going to use this option. If you choose to use a regular belt holster then you should definitely consider a We The People belt holster as they have proven to be a good fit for both men and women.